About us

Dento-Kai Karate was established in 1985 by brothers Lee and Peter Coffey. They started training in 1978 after being introduced to karate by their dad (Peter Coffey Snr) who had trained for a number of years himself. He had enjoyed the benefits of karate training and was keen for his two sons to follow in his footsteps.

Shortly after taking up karate, Lee and Peter attended a three day training course under a prominent Japanese Master, the late Shigeru Kimura. Master Kimura taught the style of Shukokai Karate, a style renowned for its fast, explosive techniques. Lee and Peter were inspired so much by the Master that it is fair to say they have been hooked on karate ever since. Over the years they have both enjoyed successful tournament careers and currently hold the rank of Black belt 7th Dan. They are the Head Instructors of Dentokai Karate. Dento-Kai Karate is a full member of the British Karate Association.

Following in true family tradition Lee's wife, Nicola started training in 1989. With over twenty years' experience herself , Nicola now holds the rank of Black belt 6th Dan and is the Class Instructor at our Clubs. This highlights the fact that females can excel in karate just as much as their male counterparts. In fact Lee and Nicola's daughter, Emma, and Peters' daughter, Paige are also now Black belts and are the third generation of the Coffey family to practice and study Karate. Let us just say we like to keep it in the family !

  • Sensei Lee Coffey
  • 7th Dan
  • Sensei Nicola Coffey
  • 6th Dan
  • (pictured with Emma and Paige)

The term Dento-Kai is a Japanese term which was carefully chosen by the founders and translates into English as meaning 'Traditional Association'. This is to recognise the fact that although karate continues to evolve, and in doing so we must embrace the future, it is equally important that we do not forget our past and the roots from which we have come from. This philosophy and approach will ensure that the traditional skills, teachings and knowledge of authentic karate will not be lost and can be passed successfully to our next generation.